Cashback News – Oct 9: Drones in Tokyo, China & Singapore; Amazon builds in India; Snapdeal tests O2O; Dazo folds…

Cashback News – Oct 9: Drones in Tokyo, China & Singapore; Amazon builds in India; Snapdeal tests O2O; Dazo folds…

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Friday’s Cashback News wraps up the week with a look at China, India and other points around the world. So, is it business as usual in China for Western brands? China still beckons. Drones you say? A Tokyo Crocs drone delivery goes sideways but the publicity value is high. It’s not just Amazon, but many online businesses are exploring the drone deliveries, including Alibaba in rural China. Not to mention drone delivery of mail in Singapore. Dazo food tech fails and closes doors in India.

Snapdeal tests a blend of online shopping and off-line delivery (O2O). Amazon India gears up for its own Great Indian Festival Sale during the fiercely competitive holiday shopping season in India. Finally, it’s never a great day when a business folds but food tech startup Dazo closed after less than a year in business in India.

Can Western Brands Still Make it with China Online Shopping? Davis (contributing editor in chief of Internet Retailer magazine, and Vertical Web Media’s five weekly newsletters) just got back from China. There he found long queues forming not to beg for food, but to snap up new generation Apple iPhones and Apple TV’s. He reports it’s pretty much business-as-usual out there, with most upwardly mobile Chinese having survived the crash unscathed.

He gained the impression that China online shopping is in good health. Both Chinese and non-Chinese business people in Hong and Guangzhou (old Canton) were enthusiastic about future ‘rapid growth’ in online shopping in China. With 7% economic growth still on the cards the money is going to have to go somewhere. A goodly amount of it will no doubt find its way into the hands of Alibaba. Via

Drone-delivered Crocs croak in Tokyo a buzz and a tiny gust of wind, the bright green drone takes off from its landing pad. The drone rises to a height of about four meters and hovers over an elevated display covered with pairs of shoes. In a perfect world, maybe even this world, in a few more years the drone would have picked up and carried the shoes to an excited customer at a Crocs-sponsored publicity stunt in Tokyo’s posh Midtown shopping center. Via

Alibaba tests drone delivery in China is now in the testing phases of delivering packages by drone, according to a post on Taobao website (h/t 36kr). 450 customers will get the chance to have their goods delivered by drone. The items on the pre-set list of available products include brown sugar, menstrual cramp relief medication, and ginger tea. Via

The future is here: Singapore Post tests drone deliveries trial was developed together with the Infocomm Development Agency, and uses a customized version of the commercially-available Pixhawk Steadidrone. SingPost claims this is the first time in the world a postage service has used a drone for point-to-point, recipient-authenticated mail delivery. The company hopes to use drones to deliver packages for ecommerce companies. Via

Snapdeal blends offline and online shopping ecommerce site Snapdeal’s latest launch, Janus, shows that it may just be a hybrid of the two. Janus is an omni-channel platform that integrates all aspects of ecommerce from ordering a product online to customizing it and getting it delivered offline. Janus will be available across 70 cities in India. Via

Get ready for fireworks: Amazon pumps $190M into India comes early to India, so to speak. The biggest holiday season in this part of the world starts with Dussehra this month and goes on to the fireworks festival of Diwali in November. The ten-day Dussehra marks the triumph of good over evil or the victory of Rama over the demon king Ravana in the epic Ramayana.

As for Amazon, it pumped US$190 million into its Indian arm just before the festive season, reports Economic Times. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos had waved a cheque of US$2 billion riding atop a truck in Bangalore last year, a day after a US$1 billion funding round for its main rival in India, Flipkart. Half a billion dollars out of that treasure chest has already made its way to India. Get ready for fireworks: Amazon pumps $190M into India

Food tech start-up Dazo shuts down Food tech start-up Dazo has decided to wind up operations barely a year after it came into existence, signalling the end of a bull run for food tech businesses. The company, which was initially called Tapcibo, used to aggregate meals from partner restaurants and took care of last-mile delivery to ensure superior customer experience. The company rebranded itself as Dazo and raised an undisclosed amount from these industry executives. Via

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