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Cashback News – Sept 15: Middle East ecommerce, Econsultancy, Parago, Kobe Bryant & Alibaba, Encashit

Our cashback news today has a strong international flavor. Econsultancy provides an in-depth analysis of the Middle East ecommerce marketplace – small but growing quickly. According to UK consulting firm parago,  93% of UK consumers will drive up to 10 minutes out of their way for a $33 cashback discount. In China, Kobe Bryant teams up with Alibaba and Taobao to target the 350 million online shoppers.

Startup app Encashit hits 500 transactions a day in India, while website visitors decrease by about 60 per cent and app users increased by 300% weekly. Can you spell growth? In Europe, Forrester predicts more than half of retail sales will be digital by 2020.

Ecommerce trends in the Middle East: stats

Middle East ecommerceThe United Arab Emirates accounts for the biggest share of this with its own market being valued at $2.3b by the end of 2014, followed by Saudi Arabia and Egypt with online retail markets of $1.5b and $1.4b respectively.

During 2014, November and December were the best months for the region with each seeing nearly $28m in online transactions. Across the region, men are going online to shop more than women. For instance in the UAE 59% of online shoppers are male, while Egypt sees the biggest disparity – with 77% of shoppers being male. Read more…

Price-sensitive shoppers in UK seek out cashback deals

ParagoFor nearly two-thirds of shoppers (65%) price is the primary driver of a purchase decision, more so than the store (13%) or quality (12%). And they don’t mind going out of their way to get the best price – 93% would drive up to 10 minutes out of their way for a £20 (US$33) cashback discount. Almost all (90%) of shoppers in the UK look online for the best prices before embarking on a shopping trip.

In fact, parago found that cashback rebates were the preferred savings tool, more popular than discounts. Most shoppers said they were interested in seeking out rebates (72%) and that they felt this money-saving device offered ‘great savings opportunities’ (79%). Read more…

Superstar Kobe Bryant Teams up with Alibaba

Alibaba and Bryant are starting their deal with the release of Kobe Bryant’s Muse, a video documentary that showcases Kobe’s life. The film looks at Bryant’s life, his career and philosophies in life. That is why Bryant spent so much time setting up his company, Kobe Inc, which focuses on sports in 2013….

The deal with Alibaba has many other aspects to it as well. Including, Kobe Bryant working with Alibaba Pictures to develop more of his branded products and distribute these through online shopping platforms. Tmall and Taobao Marketplace have more than 350 million shoppers, all of which Kobe Inc merchandise will be available to. Read more…

With 20K downloads coupon and cashback platform Encashit aims to reach 3K transactions by next year

EncashitIndians are known for discount hunting and looking for bargains. With the rise of online shopping, the joy of hunting for discounts has also moved to the internet. While the space is dominated by players like Groupon, Coupondunia, Mydala and Couponnation amongst others, humble startups like Encashit have also been evangelizing the market from quite some time.

The brainchild of Vijay Suram and Amsi Maganti, Encashit is an online coupon and cashback platform. Over the past 45 days the platform has delivered 20K plus downloads with 800 to 1000 new installs every day. Read more…

More than half of European retail sales will be touched by digital in next five years: Forrester

More than half of European retail sales over the next five years will touch digital channels, a new report suggests. UK sales, predicts the Forrester study, will be most affected as internet retailing particularly via mobile devices becomes central to the way we buy.

The study suggests the value of cross-channel retail sales in Europe will reach €704bn ($755 bn) by 2020, up from €457bn ($489.7 bn) this year, a new study suggests. Read more…

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