Amazon insights: Corporate news, e-commerce innovations and new products ahead

Amazon insights: Corporate news, e-commerce innovations and new products ahead

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We’ve got two new posts that provide Amazon e-commerce and retail competitors with valuable insight and a view of what’s on the horizon for the online giant. First, an overview of Amazon’s newest corporate developments and growth strategies. Then we have a look at its latest e-commerce innovations and new product launches. Keep an eye on the latest Amazon developments.

Amazon’s corporate developments are always fascinating to watch. As if getting more than $1.24 billion in taxpayer subsidies wasn’t enough, it’s now evaluating 238 proposals from states and cities for its new RFP for locations for its $5 billion planned new second headquarters office which will employ as many as 50,000 staff. Can you spell excitement from tax hungry, competing cities from New York and Chicago to Tucson and Calgary? Research from eMarketer shows Amazon may own 44% of the entire US e-commerce market share by the end of 2017, worth as much as $198 billion.  There’s much more Amazon corporate news ahead. Read more…

Amazon competitors – watch your niches

There’s one hard lesson that Amazon competitors have learned. That is, once your niche grows big enough on the Amazon e-commerce site, you may become a target for Amazon to introduce its own private label brand to compete directly in your niche. Witness the launch of the new Amazon/Drew Barrymore fashion line. Or Amazon Handmade Gift Shop – a direct competitor to handcrafted goods sold by Etsy. Then there’s Amazon Key, a set of home security cameras and smart locks bundled together with a free new delivery service for Amazon Prime members that lets you open your door remotely for deliveries of your Amazon packages. All very innovative and a new higher level of competition. Read more…

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