Cashback News – April 6: Where is mobile commerce momentum heading?

mobile shoppingWe know that mobile commerce is a force to be reckoned with in retail, e-commerce and business-to-business. Depending on the market, mobile commerce makes up anywhere from 25% to more than 50% of e-commerce business. From a slow start, it’s also gaining momentum in B2B and with help from technology, it’s impacting retail significantly as well. Today, we’re looking at the newest developments and trends in mobile commerce around the world.

Mobile is now 65% of digital media time and represents most of the growth in digital according to a report from comscore. Mobile Commerce Daily looks at the top 10 mobile commerce interactive initiatives of Q1 2016. eMarketer reports Facebook has led Google in mobile display advertising and growing while Google’s share shrinks. 5miles did more thanks $200 million in transactions, and pulled in $30 million in new funding in its effort to unseat Craigslist. Starbucks hopes to leverage its knowledge of 90 million transactions a week to deliver even better personalized customer service.

Influenster gets $8 million in funding from Ebates to grow its community of 1.7 million+ members who have written 6 million+ product reviews. Forrester Research says mobile payments will grow to around $142 billion and Facebook is expecting its share of mobile commerce to grow with a planned Facebook Messenger retail hub. JCPenney, Best Buy and Neiman Marcus have used mobile visual search in their apps successfully, Watch for chat bots and virtual concierges to arrive in stores soon! 78% of food shoppers are looking to save as much money as possible making mobile coupons popular.

All digital growth now coming from mobile usage

Mobile tipping pointMobile now represents 65 percent of digital media time, while the desktop is becoming a “secondary touch point” for an increasing number of digital users.

A new report from comScore uses a veritable mountain of data to expose and explain the multi-platform state of internet user behavior. However, it also makes clear that mobile is now the growth driver, while the desktop is rapidly becoming a “secondary touch point” for a large percentage of the US digital audience.

The report, entitled 2016 US Cross-Platform Future in Focus, covers a broad range of channels and consumer behaviors. I won’t try to cover everything here, just some of the high-level usage data. The full report is free and can be downloaded after registration. Via

Top 10 interactive mcommerce initiatives of Q1 the start of 2016, many brands pledged to continue leveraging mobile to promote one-to-one experiences with consumers before hitting them with a strong incentive to purchase, a strategy that was evident in campaigns from Sephora, Starbucks and more.

Interactivity was at the forefront of major marketers’ minds this past quarter, with more than a few implementing features such as live chat and virtual reality options into their mobile applications and sites. Others preferred to rely on attention-grabbing tactics including shoppable music videos and event-themed contests on social media, playing into consumers’ growing tendencies to consume snackable content on their smartphones.

Additionally, one-on-one mobile quizzes reigned supreme with consumers in Q1, presenting a wide opportunity for brands to market their products based on each user’s end result. This strategy will likely hit its peak later this year, especially as messaging platforms and chat bots become more pervasive. Here are the top 10 mobile commerce interactive initiatives of 2016’s first quarter, in alphabetical order. Via

Does Google stand a chance against Facebook in mobile display?

Google FacebookIt’s no secret that Facebook has been steadily building up its ad technology — directly challenging Google. These moves, coupled with the introduction of native ad formats that appear throughout Facebook’s mobile news feeds have propelled it past Google to become the leading seller of display advertising worldwide.

The speed at which Facebook’s mobile ad offerings took off surprised analysts. In 2013, eMarketer’s projections had Google continuing to lead display advertising in the US through 2015. The firm’s updated estimates in 2015 paint a very different picture, showing Facebook the leader since 2013, with share growing through 2017, in contrast to Google’s shrinking market share.

Research firm eMarketer estimates that mobile display surpassed desktop display ad spend last year for the first time in the US. Facebook took 33.5 percent of mobile display spend in the US last year, with Google pulling in 10 percent of mobile display ad spend. Most estimates peg Facebook as the runaway leader in display for the foreseeable future. How did Facebook get here, and does Google stand a chance of catching up? Via

5miles: The app trying to out-Craigslist Craigslist cleaning may be a little easier this year for some mobile users, thanks to a new online and mobile marketplace with big ambitions.

With an eye toward dethroning Craigslist, 5miles helps users buy and sell goods both locally and globally. Like Craigslist, listings are free and include a range of retail items, local business services and charity donations. Originally launched in January 2015, the app is available for iPhone and Android users, and uses GPS locating to match up buyers.

In February, 5miles facilitated over $200 million in transactions, and pulled in $30 million in new funding. Since its launch, it has turned over close to $2 billion. Since its launch, 5miles has facilitated over $200 million in transactions, according to the company, and just pulled in $30 million in new funding in February. Via

Starbucks’ CTO brews personalized experiences service has become the Holy Grail for retailers seeking the combination of physical and digital touchpoints with which to surprise and delight consumers. On the digital front, Starbucks has achieved this through its mobile app, which allows users to earn loyalty points as well as order and pay for food and drinks in advance.

“With about 90 million transactions a week we know a lot about what people are buying, where they’re buying, how they’re buying,” said Martin-Flickinger. “And if we combine this information with other data, like weather, promotions, inventory, insights into local events, we can actually deliver better personalized service to other customers.” Via

Influenster Secures $8 Million in Funding From Ebates

This round of financing marks Influenster’s first foray into attracting investments. The company has been profitable since its founding through the strength and efficiency of its business. Influenster now has a community of 1.7 million+ members who have written 6 million+ product reviews; it also currently acquires 500,000+ new user-generated reviews every month. Ebates’ funding will allow Influenster to scale and propel its growth strategies to meet today’s market demands for an all-encompassing product discovery platform.

Influenster is a product discovery platform and reviews site that enables consumers to find new products and get advice to make informed purchases. Members use Influenster to explore the latest products, gain fresh insight, pick up new tips, and share their opinions with others. We help our members compare products and guide them on how products can be integrated into their lives. We inspire a love for products and encourage discovery, conversations, and reviews. Via Venture Beat

Facebook Messenger becomes more e-commerce friendly with business chat bots and mobile wallet

Facebook e-commerce

Although many companies like Google, Samsung, and Apple have been in the mobile payment arena since 2011, Facebook has been slow to make the switch. Now that David Marcus, who previously worked as president for Pay Pal, has moved to Facebook, many tech people are expecting Facebook to move into the digital wallet arena as well.

As previously reported in The Inquisitr, Facebook is moving to make Facebook Messenger a retail hub as it picked up its first airline, and passengers can now book flights as well as receive updates from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Passengers can also star a chat thread to ask questions, as well as receiving booking confirmation, flight status, and boarding passes.

Mobile payments are big business. According to Forrester Research mobile payments are set to grow to around $142 billion. Even if Facebook moves forward with its plan to create mobile payments for Facebook Messenger users, it will require a lot of resources and some time to create before it’s a viable option for consumers. Via

Why visual search’s next frontier could be chatbots, mobile concierges a plethora of big-name retailers already incorporating mobile visual search capabilities into their applications, the technology is likely to evolve in several ways this year, including integrating with messaging chatbots and mobile concierge platforms.

Retailers including JCPenney, Best Buy and Neiman Marcus have implemented mobile visual search into their apps with great success, enabling users to take a picture of a desired product and subsequently search the brand’s inventory for the same – or similar – piece. While many other retailers will leverage this technology within their own digital channels this year, marketers are also likely to find new use cases for mobile visual search, such as placing it within hotel brands’ concierge platforms for enhanced guest service. Via

Food Shoppers Seek Mobile Deals; 78% Want To Save As Much Money As Possibles latest example of this deals with mobile coupons. It turns out that consumers who lean on mobile coupons for food shopping – and that’s a lot of people – often change brands for the sake of variety, according to a new study.

The majority of consumers don’t use mobile coupons, but a third (33%) do. And that’s where the behavioral change potential resides.

Nearly half (44%) of mobile coupon users like to change brands often for the sake of variety and novelty, according to the study conducted by GfK. The survey comprised a look at 6,500 products in about 600 categories. Via

It’s a mad, mobile world

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