Cashback News – Jan 25: Why mobile matters to e-commerce, retailers & consumers

Why mobile manners to retail, e-commerce and consumers

Why mobile manners to retail, e-commerce and consumersLet’s take a look today at mobile news highlights and mobile trends ahead that impact cash back, e-commerce and retail. In a survey from, Forrester Research and Bizrate Insights, the top three priorities for merchants were mobile, marketing and on-site merchandising. Macy’s may have had slower in-store sales but it hit more than $1 billion in online revenue in December 2015 – with half of its website traffic coming from smart phones. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz speaks about the “seismic change” in retail due to e-commerce and smartphone shopping. Snapdeal‘s new virtual card‘FreeCharge Go’,  will be accepted across all online merchants in India.

With 200 million registered mobile wallets, BBC reports India is quickly adopting mobile payments reaching $1.4 billion in 2015. A new US retail mobile app from helps users locate and buy from black-owned businesses. New shopping app, Shopee, enables the buying and selling of products 24/7 in Malaysia. Hungry? If you’re running late at Austin Begstrom International Airport, dial-up free mobile app Grab to order fast food and bypass lineups to eat on the run.

How Retailers Are Prioritizing Their Digital Efforts in 2016 are concentrating on a variety of initiatives in 2016. Mobile—like responsive design and app development—as well as basic marketing activities—including search optimization and customer acquisition—are top on their list.

A survey from, Forrester Research and Bizrate Insights asked retailers in North America what their top three priorities for their digital business in 2016 were. More than half (59%) of respondents said mobile and marketing were.

In addition, 41% of retailers said that site merchandising was a leading priority for their digital business this year. Retailers were also looking to prioritize their checkout overhaul, omnichannel efforts and international expansion initiatives in 2016. Via

Struggling Macy’s Just Brought In a Billion Dollars Online’s may have had trouble getting holiday goers to visit its huge department stores, but its website and mobile app sure grabbed a few clicks. Macy’s generated its first billion-dollar month of sales from its digital platforms in December, said Yasir Anwar, group vice president of digital technology for Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s. Anwar, speaking Sunday at the annual National Retail Federation’s convention in New York City, added that Black Friday saw more than half of Macy’s web traffic come from smartphones — another first.

Macy’s no longer breaks out what percentage of its business is derived from digital sources as compared with physical stores, arguing the lines between the two have become too blurred. But, there are several clues to suggest the digital business is growing while the brick and mortar business is shrinking. Via

STARBUCKS CEO: ‘Seismic change’ in retail downturn hasn’t been lost on Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. In a quarterly-earnings call on Friday, Schultz laid out his thoughts on the current and future prospects for retail business. “I think we said three years ago publicly that we began to envision that there would be a seismic change in consumer behavior, and that seismic change was due in large part to e-commerce and smartphone shopping,” said Schultz.

He isn’t alone among executives talking about this trend. Amazon, a bellwether for online shopping, has begun to catch up to, and is expected to pass, major retailers in terms of revenue over the past few years. Even some of the big-box CEOs have started admitting the importance of mobile shopping. Via

Snapdeals FreeCharge now allows you to pay on Flipkart, Amazon and others an effort to be ‘ubiquitous’, mobile commerce platform FreeCharge has introduced a new virtual card called ‘FreeCharge Go’, which will be accepted across all online merchants in India. The virtual card powered by MasterCard is launched in association with Yes Bank which the company claims to be activated in less than 10 seconds of registration. Through introduction of this technology, Freecharge seems to be taking lead against competitors like Mobikwik and Paytm.

On the occasion, Kunal Shah, Co-Founder and CEO, FreeCharge said “Being a company of 2016, it is not humanly possible to partner with all 20,000 odd merchants out there. So now we don’t need any more tying up or partnerships. In one stroke we have created an infrastructure which allows you to pay across any online merchant in India.” Via

Will India go cashless if mobile payments take off

BBC India mobileAs soon as Binod Upadhyay arrives at a destination he immediately turns round to check if the customer is pulling out a wallet or a mobile phone. “If it’s the mobile phone, then I am relieved,” he says.

For the last 25 years he’s been earning a living driving an auto-rickshaw – a yellow and black motorised three-wheeler taxi, a popular form of public transport in India’s financial capital, Mumbai. But getting paid has not always been a smooth process for Mr Upadhyay. On many occasions both he and the customer didn’t have change, forcing them to scout for coins at nearby shops. Via Debuts the First All Black Marketplace Mobile App today from is a new retail mobile app developed to provide customers with curated quality products from Black-owned businesses. The app fulfills the market need for a more user-friendly and fun platform for mcustomers to shop with the knowledge that all products are from 100% verified black owned businesses.

The mobile app’s additional functionality engages end users through push notifications announcing new products, real-time contests, flash sales, deals as well as promotions. Users can also connect via popular social media platforms, submit product suggestions, and watch video stories about the products they purchase via the mobile app. Via

We enable businesses shopping app, Shopee, enables the buying and selling of products anytime, anywhere in double quick time. CEO Chris Feng, 32, tells ZIEMAN it’s never been easier for anyone to be a retailer than now.

What are shopping apps like Shopee doing for the Malaysian scene?
Mobile commerce has taken Malaysia by storm. Malaysians are now shopping even while they are on the go. Today, a large part of online purchases in South-East Asia takes place on mobile.

In Malaysia, mobile penetration is very high and stands at 140% (1.4 phone per person) with 45% of smartphone users having made a purchase via their phone in the past year. More Malaysians are leaning towards shopping via their mobile devices, a trend that continues to encourage existing and budding online entrepreneurs. Via

Austin airport now offers mobile food ordering you’re running late for your flight at Austin Begstrom International Airport, but you still want to grab a snack before you take off, a new mobile ordering service might be able to help you get your food and make it to your flight on time.

ABIA has joined forces with Grab, a free mobile app that allows users to order from 12 restaurants at the airport. When you put in your order, all you have to do is skip the line and go to the ‘Grab Pickup and Fly’ counter to get your food. The app also allows users to search directories of restaurants, retail stores and airport services in over 40 airports. Via

Mobile matters around the globe

E-commerce and mobile shopping hit a tipping point this past holiday shopping season. from Amazon and Macy’s to Starbucks and merchants around the globe, mobile is gaining prominence and preference with consumers. We’ll continue to cover mobile news, highlight trends, new technologies and bring you news you can use about mobile innovations. It’s an exciting time for mobile e-commerce.

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Indian e-commerce ahead

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