Cashback News – Oct 23: US Holiday Prospects: Windows 10 cashback, US holiday sales +6%, e-gifting trend, RetailMeNot…

Cashback News – Oct 23: US Holiday Prospects: Windows 10 cashback, US holiday sales +6%, e-gifting trend, RetailMeNot…

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2015 US Holiday Sales +6%This week’s news highlights in-store (pun intended) include US cashback and e-commerce holiday shopping news and projections for the 2015 season. Microsoft kicks off an attractive incentive for up to $200 trade-in cashback for buyers of new Windows 10 laptops. The National Retail Federation is predicting a merry, mobile and online US holiday sales season with a 6% increase to reach $885 billion – the biggest boost since 2011. E-gifting looks like one of three big retail and e-commerce trends to watch.

Just in time for holiday shopping in-store and online, the new RetailMeNot Rebates program guarantees cashback in just five days. 85% of shoppers expect holiday promotions to happen before Black Friday. More than 100,000 seasonal workers will be hired at Amazon‘s 20 US locations. 31.2% of holiday shoppers say some of their web shopping will take place on company time. Priceless!

Microsoft: ‘Easy Trade Up’ Campaign Will Inspire People To Buy New Windows 10 Laptops is offering limited time, cashback incentives to people who buy new Windows 10 laptops and trade in their used computers, including MacBooks. Microsoft’s Easy Trade Up promo offers up to $200 cashback for traded-in old Windows computers. I expect Microsoft to also expand this program to other countries soon. Via

5 holiday shopping trends to watch recent survey on holiday trends of 2015 conducted by digital marketing agency SessionM found that – in total – close to 60 percent of consumers intend to start shopping before Black Friday. Just how they do it is worth noting, too. While 78% of survey respondents said they plan to shop in-store, 58% will go online and 43% will use a mobile device.

The National Retail Federation projects an increase in U.S. holiday sales of 4 percent. Research company eMarketer puts the number even higher, forecasting a 6 percent increase to reach $885 billion – the biggest boost since 2011. Let’s take a look at the trends coming down the pipe and what brands can do to ensure that they reach their customers during what promises to be a lucrative couple of months. Via

3 Holiday Retail Trends Entrepreneurs Need to Consider weather, changing scenery and the start of holiday decorations and preparations for retailers everywhere. For years, holiday planning was fairly routine, but the rapid adoption of ecommerce and proliferation of smart mobile devices — the combination of which seemingly gives us anything, anytime and delivered anywhere — has fundamentally changed consumers shopping habits and expectations. All of this has given way to speculation that traditional retail stores are fading, and the news this year that Amazon became the largest retailer in the world does not help to quell those concerns.

Watch for micro-moments and multichannel connections; people conversions; and innovations such as e-gifting. Via

How to Use RetailMeNot Rebates to Save Cash Instantly didn’t think we’d stop with online coupons and in-store offers, did you? We’re back with yet another quick and easy way to save money. Save at stores that typically don’t offer in-store coupons. Our favorite part about rebates is that you can use them at places that normally don’t have in-store deals.

No more waiting around for “instant rebate offers” to come in the mail. Gone are the days of filling out tedious mail-in forms that required you to send a retailer your proof of purchase and then wait weeks—if not months—to get your cash back. RetailMeNot Rebates will deliver your money within five days. Via

Holiday Shoppers Head to Store, Phones in Hand

vector-christmas-lights-on-black-background_zJxd0R8d_LIt looks like holiday shopping by mobile phone will be bigger this year, shoppers will start early and most retailers who don’t have items when desired will lose the sale. Everything around holiday shopping seems earlier this year, including the flood of research and studies forecasting the coming impact. The majority (54%) of shoppers expect retailer holiday promotions to begin by now, with most (85%) expecting them to begin before Black Friday, according to one survey. Via

Amazon is hiring 100,000 seasonal staff for the holidays

AmazonAmazon is creating 100,000 seasonal jobs to deal with increased demand over the holiday period, the US e-commerce giant said Tuesday. The roles will be across the company’s shipping warehouses and sorting centers in the US and follows the hiring of 25,000 permanent employees in the run up to the holidays. It has more than 90,000 full-time employees across its more than 50 fulfillment centers and 20 sorting centers in the US. In its latest earnings report, Amazon said net income for the three months ending June 30 hit $92 million, a turnaround from the $126 million loss posted in the same quarter last year. Via

More consumers will shop online this holiday season colleague glued to her computer monitor in the coming months may just as likely be hunting for a bargain as racing to meet her next deadline. 77.1% of US consumers with jobs plan to go online from work to do some of their holiday shopping, research and consulting firm Conlumino reported today. 45.9% will shop online only during their own time only, but 31.2% say some of their web shopping will take place on company time.

Among all US consumers—including those retired or unemployed—67.4% plan to go online to shop this holiday season, an increase of 14.9 percentage points from 52.5% in last year’s survey, Conlumino says. Most of that shift represents more consumers shopping via smartphones and tablets: the percentage planning to use mobile devices to shop for holiday gifts rose to 44.7% in this year’s survey, an increase of 14.8 percentage points from 29.9% last year. 51.1% say they will shop from a computer, an increase of only 0.8%. Via

Google wants you to do your holiday shopping on YouTube this year

 Christmas shopping on YouTubeUsers are spending 7% less time in each shopping session, according to Google Analytics data, but mobile’s share of purchases has gone up 64% over the past year. Some 30% of all online purchases are made using a smartphone, and shopping-related searches have grown more than 120% year-on-year, approaching desktop search numbers.

The most popular shopping day on mobile? Sunday.

Retailers: How To Engage Mobile Holiday Shoppers This Year more than 17.6 billion in-store shopping visits in November and December of 2013, retailers and malls alike have a vast opportunity to influence and target a captive audiences purchasing choices every day, and even more so during the holiday shopping months when they are gift shopping. To be clear, there are two separate but inextricably linked topics being discussed here: the use of mobile engagement strategies to get consumers into brick-and-mortar stores and mobile sales/transactions in general. According to a recent study by Forrester Research for RetailMeNot, 84% of consumers use their smartphones while shopping in stores, but a lot fewer complete their purchase on a mobile device. Via

More holiday sales news ahead

US retailers live in interesting times this holiday season. The combination of mobile and in-store shopping is working in favor of a positive rise in year-over-year sales. Watch for more holiday season developments and sales updates in the weeks ahead right here on Cashback Industry News.

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