Cashback News – Sept 16: Loyalty programs, Mobiquity & GeoQpons, Shop Bindaas, Saving US malls, 4 ecommerce types…

Cashback globallyWe’re looking out for a noticeable shift and trends in loyalty programs from member cards to app-based offers for easy redemption by consumers. With 40,000 US storefronts with beacons, Mobiquity is partnering with GeoQpons‘ 300-plus retailers to reach new shopping center consumers via mobile app. In India, Shop Bindaas offers a hyperlocal connection to consumers for local retailers to offer discounts, prizes and promotions by mobile.

Loyalty consultant Colloquy estimates there are more than 3 billion US loyalty program memberships but Boston Partners says mall retailers need to develop new loyalty program strategies. Finally, there’s a snapshot of 4 social commerce strategies built from community-driven commerce.

Consumer loyalty programme space shifts from plastic cards to app-based trackers

Amex2As sales through mobile devices gather pace in India, companies in the consumer loyalty programme space have begun replacing plastic cards with app-based trackers to make redemption of loyalty points for online and offline transactions easier.

The move to app-based loyalty programme has another plus — it opens up an alternative channel for offline brands and F&B outlets to get a deeper understanding of user behaviour. The recent entrants in this space are coalition loyalty programme PAYBACK (a subsidiary of American Express) and State Bank of India, which recently launched app-based customer reward programmes, joining existing players like QwikCilver and OneRewardz. Read more…

Mall Beacon Provider Mobiquity Partners With GeoQpons, Focuses On The Moment Of Truth GeoMarketing

GeoQponsMobiquity Networks, a mall-based beacon provider, has signed a deal with shopping discounts app platform GeoQpons to help stores and brands present greater discovery options to consumers on-the-go. The partnership calls for GeoQpons to send push notifications triggered by Mobiquity beacons stationed in malls around the country. GeoQpons provides loyalty rewards, reminders of clearance sales, shopping lists and, most relevantly to Mobiquity’s beacon platform, in-store coupons redeemable through the app itself. Read more…

Shop Bindaas, a hyperlocal deal discovery platform to connect brands and consumers

Shop-BindaasAmerican department chain Sears introduced its popular mail order catalogue in 1898, a magazine which provided potential consumers with details about different products. Shop Bindaas is a mobile-app-only platform for shoppers and merchants to collaborate and benefit from brand promotions, discounts, advertising and marketing. The app displays daily promotions in a magazine-like format with discount ads from nearby stores and big brands in city malls. Read more…

Can multi-brand loyalty programs save American malls?

loyalty programs and retailLoyalty programs are a great way for retailers to encourage repeat business and, ideally build long-term relationships with customers. Market research firm ShopperTrak found that foot traffic at malls fell 14.6% during the 2013 holiday shopping season, even as overall retail sales increased 2.7% across other channels. There are so many available that consumers have loyalty fatigue, according to Colloquy.

The loyalty marketing consultant estimates that there are more than 3 billion loyalty program memberships in the U.S. today, and the average U.S. household participates in 29. But 58% of those memberships are inactive.

Retailers need to go beyond traditional rewards to attract users, according to a report from Boston Retail Partners. One answer is multiple-store programs. Read more…

The 4 Most Powerful Social Commerce Trends

It’s that time of year again: You’re looking for the best birthday gift for that special someone in your life. Instead, you open your laptop and perform a quick search at your favorite online retailer. Its no secret: ecommerce is reshaping how consumers shop….

In order to increase customer retention and build brand loyalty, companies must understand the complexities of social commerce and identify opportunities to maintain customer engagement after the initial purchase. So, why is social commerce important, and how can your business benefit from it? Read more…

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