Cashback News – Sept 29: Zomato, Flipkart, multichannel retail, cybersecurity, Thrift Junkie Vintage, ManagePay

It’s a busy day for Cashback News. In India, Zomato illustrates the challenge of finding and retaining top technology executives in a competitive market. Flipkart’s return policy loopholes allow it to get fleeced for $32,000 – a valuable lesson for e-commerce companies. Timetrade says if an item they want is available online or in a nearby store, 65% of consumers prefer to shop in-store.

Cybersecurity experts predict continued security challenges with mobile users do to Wi-Fi and emerging technologies. Is Thrift Junkie Vintage mobile boutique a trend that could help cashback companies provide a storefront in developing markets in the future? ManagePay will operate a MasterCard rewards program for 250 leading retail chain store operators and franchisers with about 20,000 outlets throughout Malaysia. Remember email? According to Forrester, it’s still going strong for US retailers, and makes up 14% of  digital spending.

High-flying Zomato still struggling to retain top talent

Raghunath’s brief stint makes it the third time that a senior Zomato executive has quit in a relatively short period even as the company continues a torrid expansion, including outside India. In July, Namita Gupta, chief product officer at Zomato, quit after just 11 months. She had come to Zomato from Facebook where she was head of global games partner engineering. Via

Hyderabad Man Hoaxed Flipkart for $30K, Using Flaw In Company’s Item Return Policy

Veera Swamy, 32, of Vanasthalipuram in the city allegedly duped Flipkart. He would place the orders for valuable electronic items in the name of mother, father, wife, brothers and other known people in the neighborhood. After the items were delivered, he would call up the call centre complaining that the goods delivered were of poor quality.

Once the company representatives comes to pick the item pack, he would retain the actual item received and would stuff in the box fake item, writing the model number and item code as received. Via

Online Shopping Is Transitioning to a More Touchy-Feely Model

Currently, the majority of luxury retailers offering the experience-based perks consumers crave have a significant brick-and-mortar presence, and it is clear why. In a recent survey conducted by Timetrade, 65 percent of consumers reported that if an item they want is available online or in a nearby store, they prefer to shop in-store. A whopping 30.8 percent of consumers claimed that they are more likely to buy things that they can feel and examine in person. The numbers speak for themselves: Before making big-ticket or luxury purchases, consumers like to pick things up and play with them.

Think Apple. When you walk into an Apple store, you feel taken care of and supported by the staff. You can get your hands on and test multiple products before making an expensive purchase. Today, the company’s 450 global stores serve 1,000,000 customers a day. Apple generates more sales per square foot than any U.S. retailer, and by a substantial margin. Its showroom model has even helped floundering resellers like Best Buy regain their footing. Via

Mobile payment data breaches to grow in the next 12 months: report

Mobile payment data breaches will grow in the next 12 months. A survey of cybersecurity experts reveals that 87% expect mobile payments data breaches will grow over the next 12 months, while 26% point to the use of public Wi-Fi as the top vulnerability. The cybersecurity experts also weighed in on the most effective way to make mobile payments more secure, with 66% pointing to the use of two ways to authenticate an identity. Ultimately as it seems with most emerging technologies consumers will select ease of use and convenience over security and privacy. Via

Mobile boutique movement comes to Colorado Springs

Thrift JunkieIt’s a first of its kind for Colorado Springs, but its part of a mobile retail movement that’s taking off across the country….

Thrift Junkie Vintage showcases vintage clothing, goods and wares, as well as vintage-inspired pieces. “If you really want to find something that nobody else has, something that maybe you didn’t know that you needed, or something that would just brighten up your day if you found it here, there’s so many different things here,” said Koshak. Shoppers might even find some inspiration, to dream big. Via

ManagePay to operate retail chains e-wallet, loyalty card programme

ManagePayManagePay said its wholly-owned unit ManagePay Services Sdn Bhd will be responsible for issuing, acquiring and operating the Malaysia Retail Chain Association’s (MRCA) Ringgit Rewards Card — a MasterCard co-branded prepaid card — programme.

The appointment is subject to approvals from all relevant authorities and participating merchants. The MRCA represents some 250 leading retail chain store operators and franchisers with about 20,000 outlets throughout Malaysia. Via

Retail Email Marketing Is Changing, but Gradually

Year in and year out, email marketing remains a dependable tactic for retailers. Along with search, it continues to make up a significant portion of digital budgets. Growing mobile usage and the ability to better personalize messaging are creating new possibilities for reaching consumers more effectively. But, as we explore in the new eMarketer report, “Retail Email Marketing: Benchmarks and Trends in the US,” any improvements are likely to be gradual, not revolutionary.

Email plays a prominent role in digital budgets—its share is second only to search. According to Forrester Research figures released in July 2015, email accounts for 14% of the total digital budget in the US. A similar figure (17%) was cited by retail executives surveyed in March 2015 by eTail.  Via

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