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  • Rakuten shuts down e-commerce legend

    When launched in 1998, the company’s tagline was “The Internet Superstore—Low Prices on Top Brands.” It started selling discount computers and software and quickly added office products, wireless products, electronics, books, videos, games, music, and sporting goods. The company’s prices were so low, Fortune magazine called it a “seemingly crazy new model” two months after it launched,…

  • Target circles back to cashback rewards for customers

    Target is revamping its customer loyalty program and will launch Target Circle, a free nationwide loyalty program that gives shoppers personalized deals and supports local non-profit organizations. The new loyalty program will launch in October and gives customers a 1% cashback reward on every purchase which they can spend on future Target shopping. “Our goal is…

  • What’s the latest in loyalty programs in 2019?

    What do consumers think of loyalty programs in 2019? We’ve got some answers thanks to a new report from HelloWorld. The 2019 Loyalty Barometer Report: What Consumers Think of Loyalty & Reward Programs looks at how consumers are shaping the changing loyalty landscape and how brands can create more engagement and sales by responding proactively. Four…

  • E-commerce and retail news roundup

    US retail and global e-commerce news roundup includes Walmart, Amazon, Target, Flipkart and more.

  • Loyalty marketing: Lufthansa, HelloWorld research, Benebit, mobile wallets

    Our post starts with a look at airline plans for revenue-based loyalty programs in 2018. A study by HelloWorld shows 64% of consumers still like earning points for products but the path to purchase changes how merchants must build better loyalty programs. Startup Benebit plans to convert loyalty and rewards points across programs into single…

  • Coupons, gift cards and loyalty programs: Who’s winning with consumers?

    Today, we’re looking at the state of digital coupons, gift cards and loyalty programs and how consumers are responding to them. New Forrester research shows 79% of shoppers will not buy an item if they forgot to bring the coupon. Deloitte research found 51% of grocery sales are now digitally influenced. IRI reports 65% of “digital info…

  • What’s the latest in loyalty programs and promotions?

    The loyalty landscape is constantly shifting as bricks-and-mortar and online retailers try to build deeper engagement with consumers.  We’ve got the latest loyalty program news to help you think strategically about your loyalty strategies. Customer Think looks at the liabilities and ROI of accounting for loyalty program points and the challenges of modernizing these popular consumer…

  • Are consumers still loyal to loyalty programs?

    According to new research from Valassis, 79% of consumers can be influenced to switch brands by coupons.

  • Are consumers buying gift cards this year?

    Are consumers buying gift cards this year?

    Is the love affair with gift cards still going strong or have consumers found new places to spend holiday money? Sarah Quinlan, SVP, Market Insights for Mastercard, expects gift card sales to remain strong right through Christmas.

  • Cashback News: What’s the forecast for holiday gift card sales?

    Cashback News: What’s the forecast for holiday gift card sales?

    The National Retail Federation said US e-gift card sales reached $7.1 billion in 2015, up 26%. Retail Gift Card Association said 45% of consumers will spend more than the value of their gift card.