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New India e-commerce rules turn industry upside down

cashback industry India
Cashback E-Commerce Research Slider
New Feb 1 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) regulations on e-commerce have the online selling business in turmoil in the India e-commerce industry. The new government regulations prohibit foreign-owned ...
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E-commerce and retail news roundup

US retail news roundup
E-Commerce Loyalty Programs Retail Slider
US retail and global e-commerce news roundup includes Walmart, Amazon, Target, Flipkart and more. ...
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Walmart seeks piece of Flipkart and India market share

E-Commerce Retail Slider
Walmart is talking to India’s biggest e-commerce operator Flipkart about acquiring a 40% stake and a direct challenge to Amazon in Asia’s third-largest consumer market. Walmart has been ...
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Loyalty marketing: Lufthansa, HelloWorld research, Benebit, mobile wallets

Loyalty Programs Slider
Our post starts with a look at airline plans for revenue-based loyalty programs in 2018. A study by HelloWorld shows 64% of consumers still like earning points for ...
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Competitors, look out for Amazon’s newest killer e-commerce strategy

E-Commerce Slider
Amazon's new patent approval for video marketing points to a new e-commerce strategy. Competitors beware. ...
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Amazon insights: Corporate news, e-commerce innovations and new products ahead

E-Commerce Slider
Two new posts feature a look inside Amazon's corporate strategy and growth plans as well as a roundup of the latest e-commerce innovations and new product launches. ...
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