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Welcome to the research and resources page for the cashback and ecommerce industry. We’ve gathered and curated the best research, reference, resources and information available on topics of importance to the industry. Each are credible, third-party research resources segmented for quick reference in categories including: cashback, coupons and vouchers; loyalty programs; mobile; country profiles; and more.

Cashback, Coupons & Vouchers Research

The State of Cashback Offers (RetailMeNot, April 2017)
A survey conducted by RetailMeNot Inc, revealed attitudes and preferences from over 1,000 US consumers toward mail-in rebate and digital cashback programs and redemption processes.  It also provides valuable information on cashback ROI.

2017 State of Mobile Offers (Koupon Media, Jan 2017)
The number of US mobile offer users grew 11% to 104 million in 2016. Usage is especially skyrocketing with millennials, with almost half of the age group using more digital offers than the prior year. Koupon Media reviews 2016.

Coupon Statistics: The Ultimate Collection (Access Development, Dec 2016)
Brandon Carter maintains an updated collection of the latest coupon statistics.

The State of Ecommerce 2015: Yotpo Benchmark Report (Oct 2015)
Yotpo’s ecommerce Benchmark features the most recent & relevant data from over 65 million orders across over 120,000 eCommerce stores. This is a valuable free report.

2015 Cashback Industry Report (July 2015)
The 2015 Cashback Industry Report is the first in-depth analysis and authoritative guide to the global cashback industry. It’s an essential reference for cashback companies, online merchants, retailers, financial and payment industries, venture capital firms, investors, cashback industry technologies and marketing strategists. The report provides a detailed review and expert analysis of the industry, new developments and highlights, best practices, new product introductions, profiles of more than 230 leading cashback companies in every major market, trends, and projections for the future of the cashback industry worldwide.

The State of Digital Vouchers in the UK and France (Forrester/RetailMeNot, Sept 2015)
This study conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by RetailMeNot evaluates how digital vouchers are adapting to mobile and omnichannel in the UK and France. The research reveals how connecting in-store and online retail with digital coupons gives retailers a ‘competitive edge’, while failing to adapt to omnichannel retail could hit sales.

Affiliate & lead generation generates £16.5bn in consumer spend (IAB, April 2015)
Advertisers spent £1.1bn on “Online Performance Marketing” in 2014; up 8% Consumer spend due to OPM rises 14% Advertiser ROI increases 6% to £15 per £1 spent 4 in 5 Britons online have used a website employing OPM techniques.

Consumers in the UK spent £16.5 billion in 2014 due to affiliate marketing and lead generation activities – 14% more than in 2013 – according to the third annual Online Performance Marketing study conducted for the Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB) by PwC.

The Significant Impact of Promotions Across the Multichannel Consumer Shopping Journey (RetailMeNot, Nov 2014)
This study unveils the six stages of the consumer shopping journey and demonstrates how promotions have a significant impact at each stage along the way. Promotions impact decisions, such as when and where to shop, how much to spend, what to buy, and whether a shopping cart is abandoned. The study was conducted using Google Consumer Surveys and references other third-party research.

The State of Digital Coupons: How Digital Coupons Are Adapting to Mobile and Omnichannel   (Forrester/RetailMeNot, Aug 2014)
Conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by RetailMeNot, Inc, this study evaluates the impact of digital coupons and promotions within the retail industry. Digital coupons are as relevant as ever as retailers’ omnichannel sales strategies become the norm. Additionally, the research reviews how people are thinking about digital couponing and provides insight into omnichannel offers in the offline-channel world, as well as insight into how mobile affects in-store traffic and sales.

Promotions: A Cornerstone of Retailer Marketing Strategies (Kelton Global/RetailMeNot, Oct 2015)
To better understand perceptions of promotions, 200+ retail marketing decision-makers were surveyed in a study conducted by Kelton and commissioned by RetailMeNot, Inc. The responses show that retail marketers are committed to investing in promotions to drive sales, and the mix is shifting from print to digital.

Consumer Offer Value Survey: A Research Study Sponsored by the Performance Marketing Association  (PMA, April 2014)
The Performance Marketing Associations’ Industry Advancement Council, in conjunction with eAccountableOPM and Clear Voice Survey, conducted the “Online Consumer Offer Value Study” to help measure the value of services from coupon, offer, deal and reward publishers to consumers (publishers who offer discounts and offers, as well as publishers who offer loyalty programs). The study, conducted for one week in December 2012, polled more than 1 million consumers, and had more than 1500 respondents, split evenly among men and women.

The Impact of Online Coupons and Promotion Codes (Forrester/RetailMeNot, Sept 2011)
Forrester investigates the incremental value that online coupon and deal sites deliver to merchants.

Consumer Research

Shoppers Want More Product Info, Mobile Access to Research: Poll  (Harris/Digimarc, Oct 2015)
Consumers want instant information to make purchase decisions. Three out of four consumers (78%) want more information about a product after reading a description on its package in the store, says a study conducted by Harris Poll and commissioned by Digimarc Corporation this month. 75% say if they can’t find the product information they need in-store, they are more likely to research and purchase the product online. The need for additional product information is even higher (87%) among millennials, compared to people aged 35 or older.

Ecommerce Research

Global Connected Commerce (Nielsen Research, Jan 2016)
The whole retail experience is changing. Today’s shoppers are incorporating digital touch points along the entire path to purchase, from reviewing products online at home to using smartphones as personal shopping assistants in the store. In fact, in some countries, such as China, consumers are using mobile devices to purchase selected categories at high rates. Omnichannel shoppers seamlessly switch between on and offline channels with ease.

Online Retailing in the US, Europe and Canada 2013-2016 (RetailMeNot/Centre for Retail Research, July 2015)
This study reveals e-commerce and mobile trends in the 10 most Internet-friendly markets in North America and Europe, and finds that the United States continues to lead e-commerce among the countries studied. The study was commissioned by RetailMeNot, Inc. and conducted by the Centre for Retail Research.

2014 Consumer Spending and Deal-Seeking Behaviors (Cartera, Nov 2014)
The ”2014 Consumer Spending and Deal-Seeking Behaviors” research demonstrates that consumers are no longer willing to pay full price for online purchases. 81% of survey respondents said the accessibility of discount, deals and coupon sites have affected their willingness to pay full price. In fact, 35% said they never pay full price for items online. This presents a new challenge for retailers as they look to capitalize on the popular upcoming shopping days.

Loyalty Programs & Research

Customer Loyalty in 2015 & Beyond (COLLOQUY, Oct 2015)
COLLOQUY conducted a major survey of 2,000 U.S. and Canadian respondents in August and found that people still want to form real, long-term and emotional loyalty with the brands they trust. The good news: Consumers still see the value in loyalty programs; 55% of U.S. respondents said they had joined a loyalty program in the past year, for example, with 63% of millennial respondents having done so. But joining a program and staying active in it are two different things, of course, and developing a strong personal connection to the program is another thing altogether.

Winning the Loyalty Game (RIS News, Oct 2015)
Forget about loyalty being a method to deliver points, rewards or discounts. That’s just a give-away program, a profit-margin reducer. Today, in the hyper-competitive retail marketplace, loyalty refers to long-term customer engagement and it is crucial to success.

Mobile Research

Mobile Millennial Shoppers: 61% Looking for Immediate Deals (MediaPost, Oct 21, 2015)
They key is that the majority (84%) say they act on push notifications they receive. Here’s the type of information millennials like to have pushed to them, based on the Harris/Digimarc suvey:

  • 61% — Coupon, discount or deal for immediate use
  • 61% — Customer rewards
  • 35% — New product information and sale availability
  • 35% — Nearby store locations and hours.

The Impact of Mobile Marketing on Retailer Sales (Kelton Global/RetailMeNot, Oct 2015)
RetailMeNot commissioned Kelton Global to survey 150 retailers on the impact mobile usage has on their marketing strategy both now and in the future. Additionally, consumers were surveyed on the significance that mobile marketing plays in their purchase decisions and how it affects their shopping journey.

The State Of Mobile Apps For Retailers (Forrester/RetailMeNot, Aug 2015)
This study conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by RetailMeNot, Inc. evaluates how smartphones and apps are changing the retail landscape and how retailers can respond. The findings are based on consumer surveys and retailer interviews.

Mobile Retailing in Europe and North America (RetailMeNot/Centre for Retail Research, July 2015)
New research from RetailMeNot reveals that brands across Europe need to do more to meet consumer expectations if they want to capitalise on mobile opportunities. M-commerce represents 23% of e-commerce in Europe in 2015 and could reach 50% by 2017. The study was commissioned by RetailMeNot and conducted by the Centre for Retail Research in May 2015.

UK Top 500 Internet Retailers Performance Report: Mobile and Cross-Channel
(Internet Retailing, March 2015)
It’s now well-recognized that traders selling through a variety of well-connected channels find that shoppers spend much more. Customers do this because the service they’re being offered suits them and the way that they live. It’s a service that appreciates and allows for the fact that, for many people, their ideal shopping experience is different every day. The retailers that we’re celebrating in this, our second IRUK 500 Performance Dimension Report, on the theme of Mobile and Cross-channel, are those that are developing customer-first strategies as they adapt to our changing behavior.