Cashback News: UK retailers wonder if Black Friday wIll be black or red?

Cashback News: UK retailers wonder if Black Friday wIll be black or red?

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uk-black-friday-salesAs Black Friday preparations continue, retailers in the UK are cautiously optimistic but unsure what the sales outcome and profitability will be by the end of the critical holiday shopping season.

One Hour Translation research suggests 27% of UK shoppers will buy on Black Friday. An LCP Consulting study found 61% of UK retailers believe Black Friday is unprofitable and unsustainable, compared with  32% in 2015. Amazon plans to run its sale for 12 days compared with five days last year and figures to ship more than 9.5 million orders.

A Royal Mail study found 10% of UK consumers plan to stay up after midnight to get their bargain deals early. At Amazon’s 550,000 sq ft warehouse in Peterborough, more than 1000 workers are getting ready for the Black Friday blitz. Walmart’s UK deals launch at midnight and stores open at 6 PM with deals throughout. House of Fraser is getting its stores ready for Black Friday too.

The Telegraph predicted where the best UK Black Friday deals will be for kidsThe Telegraph also profiled some of the worst shopper horror stories and there are some head shakers. Expert Reviews highlighted Britain’s best TV deals. UK retailers are hopeful on sales but pessimistic that Black Friday is ultimately profitable.

Countdown to Black Friday now well underway study from the Royal Mail suggests those who are already interested in Black Friday will be keen to shop, while a survey from One Hour Translation suggests 27% of UK shoppers will buy on the day. Further analysis from Hitwise suggests shoppers will be staying up late in order to get their bargains. That all suggests significant interest, but this year retailers will be weighing that against whether those sales come at too high a cost. An LCP Consulting study suggests that 61% of UK retailers now believe that Black Friday is both unprofitable and unsustainable.

Whatever retailers decide, if customers want to buy on Black Friday the chances are that traders will see high levels of traffic on the day, and today’s guest comment comes from Mark Denton of Aptos Retail who considers how retailers can best manage peak trading across channels. Via

Most UK retailers now believe Black Friday is unprofitable: study UK retailers now consider Black Friday unprofitable, a new study suggests. Researchers for the Future of Retail report from LCP Consulting questioned more than 100 retailers in the UK and US. Some 61% of UK traders questioned saw Black Friday as an unprofitable and unsustainable promotion, up from 32% in 2015. But in the US, a relatively low 35% saw it as unprofitable.

The research also found that a third of UK retailers have seen returns increase over the last 12 months. Most say they see an increased proportion of returns following peak trading periods such as Black Friday. Black Friday 2015 saw a marked increase in online sales compared to store sales and this trend is expected to continue for Black Friday 2016 – with an associated impact on returns volume.

LCP uses retail market data to estimate that 5m parcels bought on Black Friday will be returned, with Londoners returning up to 27% of purchases and Scots returning the least, at 19% of purchases. As a result, retailers will need to manage daily returns as they grow by an extra 50% in the week following Black Friday. Via

Real trouble in store from US traders are limbering up for next Friday, with major retailer Amazon offering early lightening deals every day to the huge shopping event. Others are following suit.

This year Amazon is running its sale over 12 days rather than the five of last year, and the number of orders is anticipated to rise by as much as 25% to 9.5 million.

The UK’s retail landscape is much changed, with our bricks-and-mortar department stores struggling to maintain profits to stay in business. British Home Stores has gone and Marks & Spencer is preparing to shut 60 of its clothing and home stores to stem a serious plunge in its profits. Via

More than a quarter of UK shoppers plan to buy on Black Friday: research than a quarter of UK shoppers plan to buy on Black Friday, a new study suggests.

One Hour Translation asked 600 UK shoppers, as part of a larger study carried out earlier this month via Google Consumer Surveys that questioned 3,400 people in eight developed countries, on what day or days they planned to do their online shopping this year. Some 27% said they planned to shop on Black Friday (November 25), while 10% planned to do so on Cyber Monday (November 28).

Meanwhile, a Royal Mail [IRDX VRYM] study questioned confirmed Black Friday enthusiasts and found that one in 10 would be staying up till after midnight to snap up early bargains on Friday.

The One Hour Translation study found that in the US, around 26% of respondents plan to buy online on Black Friday, while 2% plan to do so on Cyber Monday. On average, across the eight countries, which also included Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Australia and Japan, 16.5% of respondents prefer to buy online on Black Friday, while 9% prefer to buy on Cyber Monday. Via

Inside Amazon warehouse where 1,000 workers race to beat Black Friday rush with 86 items sold every SECOND are the bustling scenes inside one of Amazon’s biggest distribution centres as it prepares for Black Friday and the Christmas period.

Over 1,000 members of staff at the retail giant’s warehouse could be seen racing to fill orders in time for one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

Items from electrical goods to children’s toys and clothes line miles of shelves, inside Amazon’s 550,000 sq ft warehouse in Peterborough, Cambs. Via

Walmart Black Friday 2016: The US retail giant reveals deals we can expect during shopping bonanza Black Friday just around the corner US and UK shoppers are waiting with baited breath to find out what high ticket items will make it into this year’s sale.

One retailer that has paved the way for the annual shopping event is US retail giant Walmart, who also own UK supermarket ASDA. In recent years the store’s sale has sparked chaos and violence and shoppers fight for the bargains.

But if you’re planning to steer clear of the madness and shop online, Walmart’s Black Friday deals will launch on Walmart’s website at 12:01 AM Eastern Time on 24th November, and stores will open from 6pm. From cut price games consoles to discounted tablets and smartphones, Walmart’s leaked Black Friday deals mark a strong list of coveted tech and electrical items. Via

House of Fraser Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal predictions it or not, the countdown to Black Friday and Cyber Monday has begun in earnest. Brought to the UK by retail giant Amazon, the day has spawned into a huge high-street sales bonanza.

It is now the biggest shopping event of the year in Britain with dozens of retailers, slashing prices on big-ticket products left, right and centre.

Falling on November 25 this year – 24 hours after Thanksgiving in America – the hotly anticipated sales day also kick-starts the Christmas gift-buying season, so there’s no better time to head to a department store like House of Fraser, or get online to see what sort of bargains you can find. Via

Predictions on the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for kids planning your presents for this year’s Christmas season? Then you better keep discount sales day Black Friday on your radar.

The biggest shopping day of the year in the UK – falling on 25 November – is the perfect opportunity to pick up stocking fillers, presents for under the tree and that trampoline your kids have nagged you for – all for a bargain price.

All sorts of retailers will be knocking down toys and children’s play equipment, so if you want to tick items off your children’s Christmas lists to Santa, this is the time to do it. Plus if you get all the Christmas shopping done now, you can put your feet up come December. Via

13 Black Friday horror stories: Retail workers reveal their worst ever customers have been fights, stampedes and arrests in past battles for cheap consumer goods and here are a few more Black Friday horror stories, courtesy of Reddit users.

“Back in my poor college days when I worked at Walmart we had a fight break out over a bike. Fists were thrown and there was some blood. Eventually one guy got a hold of it and managed to get away from the crowd, he rode the bike out of the store to flee his pursuers (without paying). – KnowMatter

“A couple years ago, when the sale started, there was a surge of people trying to get their stuff. One lady got knocked down and her pen went straight into her neck, thankfully missing the jugular … No one tried to help they just walked over her to get their deal items. Via

Black Friday TV deals 2016 UK: The best offers on 4K and HDR televisions from Sony, Samsung, LG’s started! The Black Friday Sale on Amazon UK is quite a bit longer this year.

There will be new offers every day for 12 days including Friday 25th November – Black Friday itself – but going on for a whole week after that!

Today’s deals include up to £350 off selected TVs as well as up to 30% off selected toys and games. Via

US Black Friday update next issue

We’ll have a roundup and update of US retail preparations for the Black Friday sales bonanza in our next issue of the Cashback Industry News. Watch for it. There’s lots of US online and retail news ahead.

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