Cashback News – Aug 5: US cashback companies support nonprofits and charities

US cashback for charitiesOur previous post looked at the $5 billion a dozen leading cashback companies in the UK have donated to charities. Today, we profile US cashback companies that support charities or causes and find some innovative programs, genuine philanthropy and marketing strategies worth noting. Companies profiled are also featured in our published 2015 Cashback Industry Report.

Amazon Smile (Alexa rank: #7)

Amazon smile logoThe Amazon Smile program donates 0.5% of the price of eligible Amazon Smile purchases to the charitable organization of a consumer’s choice. you simply sign on to the program with your Amazon account and choose a charity to receive your donation. The site claims to have nearly one million registered charities to choose from in every category.

Goodshop (Alexa rank #4,464)

Goodshop logoMore than 15 million people used Goodsearch last year donating to more than 100,000 nonprofits and schools. Since 2006, Goodsearch members have raised more than $12.4 million. Members generate cashback by shopping at Goodshop online, using a mobile grocery app or the Goodsearch search engine. Goodshop has more than 30,000 retailers and lists more than 25,000 active coupons and deals, many eligible for donations to your favorite charity.

Upromise (Alexa rank #15,094)

Upromise logoUpromise provides a loyalty program where members earn credits and cashback on eligible purchases that are directed to a college savings plan or to pay down student loans. The company has been owned by Sallie Mae since 2006 and is headquartered in Newton, MA. The company claims members have earned more than $900 million for college tuition and support.

Giving Assistant (Alexa rank #29,987)

Giving Assistant logoEstablished in 2014, San Francisco-based Giving Assistant provides a daily deal with cashback rewards and discounts from 1,800 participating stores. Members earn cashback and can share part or all of their cash with their choice of charity. In addition, through its One-for-One program, Giving Assistant has already donated more than 599,200 meals to hungry school children and families across the US.

iGive (Alexa rank #65,251)

iGive logoiGive offers a simple donor proposition – help your favorite charity by shopping. Based in Florida, iGive shoppers save with promotional codes and coupons from more than 1,600 online retailers and on average 3% is donated to charities. Since 1997, more than 350,000 shoppers have donated more than $9 million to more than 35,000 causes. Charities, schools and many causes can register easily and the organization estimates the average donor gives more than $100 annually.

Mogl (Alexa rank #516,323)

Mogl logoMogl members earn instant 10% cashback on restaurant meals without the need for coupons or loyalty cards. Restaurant rewards app Mogl has also invested significant financial resources and time in its charity partnerships and programs to ease hunger in America. Since launching in 2010, Mogl estimates it has provided more than 761,700 meals through its donations program. The company has also received more than $44 million in venture capital since it launched.

iMyne (Alexa rank #2,855,219)

imyne logoLaunched in 2014, iMyne already has more than one million registered charities in its database. With a simple desktop and mobile app, members shop, earn up to 10% cashback and donate easily and all at once. The mobile app is particularly powerful for shopping in-store and getting cashback to donate to a charity. Referral commissions add additional cashback and donation potential as well.

BSP Rewards Program (Alexa rank #5,446,481)

BSP RewardsBSP Rewards Program provides a complete co-branded shopping and travel portal/website at no cost to nonprofits. The nonprofit sites offer cashback and savings benefits to its donors, social media followers, employees and other supporters. BSP has more than 1,500 corporate and non-profit co-branded Partner Programs in over 60 countries, each powered by the leading technology platform Ominto. Members benefit from cashback and savings on their purchases from more than 10,000 global retailers and the charity receives a share of the cashback revenue creating a new, ongoing fundraising program.

Cashback companies making a difference

That’s our final look at UK and US cashback companies whose business model or marketing strategy includes support for nonprofit charities. It’s refreshing to see companies giving back to their communities.

That’s a wrap for this week on the Cashback Industry News. Enjoy your weekend!