Welcome to the Cashback Industry News

Welcome to the Cashback Industry News

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Cashback Idustry News

Welcome to the Cashback Industry News. In January 2015, with the help of our research partner – London-based Onalytica, we set out to explore, analyze and define an industry we estimate has a value of more than $84 billion worldwide. Cashback is an important part of ecommerce and is poised for substantial gains as ecommerce continues its impressive growth.

After publishing the 2015 Cashback Industry Report in July, we realized there was very little information, a lack of research, and limited news coverage about this growing cashback industry.

In short, the industry needed a single source for news, research and information about this important segment of global commerce.

“Cash back” or “Cashback”?

Many think of “cashback” as a small number of websites providing cash back payments to online shoppers. Through our research, we discovered a rich ecommerce ecosystem much broader in scope.

Reflecting this discovery, instead of limiting our definition to the narrow perception as “cash back”, we chose the more descriptive “cashback” industry to reflect the bigger scale and its wider applications as a vital part of ecommerce.

We think “cashback” better describes the wide range of ecommerce sites around the world as well as its use as a vital marketing strategy by tens of thousands of large and small online retailers. It’s a noun, an adjective and sometimes a verb. Often, it’s used by consumers with an exclamation mark because it is their favorite shopping incentive!

Hundreds of consumer cashback sites operate in mature markets like the UK and US as well as booming, developing markets like India, China, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

Dozens of international and regional credit cards such as American Express and Discover, use “cashback” for sales, consumer engagement, competitive advantage and business building strategies. This engagement, coupled with new technologies provides a fascinating environment for consumer research, big data analysis, ecommerce, retail experimentation, loyalty programs, promotions, brand building and business growth.

So, “cashback” it is!

What does the “new” cashback industry look like?

Included in our definition of the industry are cashback strategies and tactics such as vouchers, coupons and the use of a growing collection of discounts and incentives often described as online performance marketing. It’s this integrated toolbox of strategies and tactics we believe is of big interest within the e-commerce world.

Cashback companies like Ebates, Quidco, TopCashback, RetailMeNot, Ominto and Cashkaro provide consumers with millions of dollars in cashback savings every year. Their large retail partners love these affiliate relationships because they only pay a commission when a consumer sale is final.

Large ecommerce sites such as Jabong, LaModa, Rakuten, Flipit and Zanui use cashback strategies to engage customers, develop loyalty, generate sales and build a competitive advantage.

We estimate between 12,000 to 15,000 retailers are actively involved in cashback programs with e-commerce partners around the world. This includes some of the world’s biggest brands such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Travelocity, Hotels.com, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, AT&T, Groupon and thousands more.

The e-commerce and cashback landscape also includes affinity sites, integrated marketing and promotion, strategies, mobile apps and even nonprofits.

What can you expect from Cashback Industry News?

Even more interesting are the smart business and technology startups, VC financing, intense competition, innovations, new technologies and bold expansion into new markets and industry niches. 

Exciting business stories to share, valuable intelligence, trends and a look ahead at the future of the industry. That’s what we are all about.

You can expect us to deliver breaking news, daily industry news highlights, company profiles, industry leader perspectives, who’s getting VC financing, information on new technologies, research, special reports, services, an active forum and a strong voice for the global cashback industry.

We guarantee you will get daily news you can use, fresh perspectives, valuable insight and the best single source for business intelligence and developments in this exciting cashback industry.

Let’s connect

So please join us and consider this our open invitation to connect and make the Cashback Industry News your source for essential news. We welcome your story ideas, news items, suggestions and feedback. Watch for cashback offers of our own on some of our planned new services such as the Cashback Newswire, Cashback Industry Directory, future research reports and more. After all, isn’t this a cashback industry site?

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Looking for the most authoritative guide to the cashback industry? The 2015 Cashback Industry Report is available here. Use Coupon Code CBN25 for a 25% discount and immediate download and delivery of the full report with profiles of 230 leading cashback companies around the world.

We’re delighted you’re here and stay with us for Cashback Industry News.

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