Cashback News: Who’s using cashback strategies for success?

cashback programsCashback for consumers is still one of the most effective  promotional strategies in the marketers’ toolbox. We’ve got an update on the latest cashback programs, companies and how they’re wooing consumers to buy.

Quidco CEO Andy Oldham outlines how cashback can build business online and in bricks-and-mortar stores. Scotiabank launches Apple Pay with a 10% cashback program for Canadian consumers. American Express cardholders will earn double cashback rewards on its Small Business Saturday promotion which has encouraged sales of more than $14.3 billion for the one-day promotion in the past seven years.

New Sam’s Club Consumer MasterCard holders will earn double cashback during the first 90 days. Global e-commerce company DubLi launched its BSP Rewards partner program which provides business and nonprofits with a branded shopper program featuring more than 12,000 global retailers. Consumer advocate Kim Komando related five best cashback apps including iBotta, Swagbucks, Field Agent, ShopKick and eBates.

In India, e-commerce and cashback competition is heating up as Burnbill introduces a flexible cashback program with no expiry dates and more than 2,000 retailers in Mumbai. Flipkart and Amazon are both promoting big discounts and cashback programs during the important Diwali Festival shopping season.

Quidco on business transformation and impact on the high street of the seven million Quidco customers, the average shopper is between 30-44 years old, ABC1, internet savvy and careful about where they spend their money.

But Oldham claims Quidco can also help drive customers into physical shops on the high street through its card-link platform. Members who register their debit or credit card with Quidco earn cashback when they use them to pay for goods and services in store.

Meanwhile, by merging the company’s mobile app with the card-link technology, members can activate offers and increase their cashback rates, and for retailers this means attracting more customers into their store over a competitor.

Oldham describes how a high street retailer often has no visibility of a customer when they walk into a store. But the 50 of Quidco’s partner retailers can advertise specifically to the two million cards on the platform, encouraging them to spend in their store, increase their basket sizes, while identifying in-store shoppers. Via

Canadian Apple Pay users can gain cashback on their purchases

Apple Pay via ScotiabankScotiabank, a Canadian bank, has launch a promotion campaign giving Apple Pay users 10% cashback.

The bank is offering its customers a 10% cashback on everyday purchases of up to USD 20 whenever the payment is made using Apple Pay. The offer is available to the bank’s first 50,000 customers who make Apple Pay purchases.

The promotion will run until the end of September 2016. Apple announced the support from several Canadian banks, including the Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank), Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), the Bank of Montreal (BMO), Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD), Canadian Tire Financial and ATB Financial in June 2016. Via

American Express Offers Big Rewards for Shopping Small This Holiday Season

AMEX ShopSmallSeven years ago, American Express started a grassroots initiative to help drive consumers to shop at small businesses in communities across the country. Fast forward to today, and Small Business Saturday has become a national holiday alongside Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well as a successful global movement. Over the years, American Express has broadened the campaign to encourage millions of Americans to shop small on Small Business Saturday and throughout the holiday season.

Shop Small® for 2X Rewards expands upon this ongoing support for small businesses, while delivering valuable rewards to American Express Card Members. The first-of-its-kind offer builds on each eligible Card’s specific rewards program. That means, when Card Members use an eligible Card to shop at qualifying small merchants this year– from restaurants, to retailers, to dry cleaners and more– they can earn 2X rewards – from Membership Rewards® points to miles with Delta® to Cash Back and more…. Via

Sam’s Club Is Offering Double Cashback on New Credit Card Accounts’s Club just put a huge incentive on the table for shoppers considering opening a store credit card: New cardholders will get double cashback within the first 90 days of opening their account. Here’s what you need to know about the card if you’re considering applying.

How the Promotion Works
Anyone who opens a Sam’s Club Consumer MasterCard between Oct. 1 and Nov. 12 this year will have 90 days of 10% cashback on gas purchases, 6% cashback on travel and dining purchases, and 2% cashback on in-club and other purchases made anywhere MasterCard is accepted. The 90-day period starts when you’re approved for the card, and after the promotional period expires, you earn 5% cashback on up to $6,000 of gas purchases, 3% on travel and dining, and 1% for everything else. Via

DubLi Network Launches BSP Rewards

BSP REWARDSGlobal e-commerce network marketing giant, DubLi Network, has designed an all-new customer loyalty program called BSP Rewards – one of the most sophisticated marketing programs available on the market today.

BSP Rewards, formerly known as the DubLi Partner Program, is exclusively available for certified DubLi Network Business Associates to market to any type of company or non-profit organization whether it is a sports club, financial institution, charity or small business.

BSP Rewards provides online shoppers access to over 12,000 stores, representing more than a billion products, thus enabling Partners to reward their customers with this vast offering and a Cashback percentage on every purchase they make. While most loyalty programs offer limited rewards, BSP Rewards gives consumers the ability to earn Cashback on every purchase in addition to any discounts, coupons, deals and free shipping offered by the stores. Via

5 great mobile apps to earn extra money

cashback appsSome people love shopping so much that they figured out a way to make money at it. Secret shoppers report on quality while personal shoppers buy things on behalf of their clients. But doesn’t being told when and where to shop or buying stuff for other people kind of take the fun out of it?

Luckily there are apps that give you money for shopping where and when you want. Many of the apps on this list will help you put more money in your pocket for things you intended to do anyway. Via

Burnbill launches its Cashback rewards program

BurnbillWould you like to earn instant Cashback on your jewellery shopping, and then spend the same Cashback for a meal at your favourite restaurant later? Are you forced to return to the same salon for redeeming the Cashback you have accumulated there? If your answer to all these questions is in the affirmative, here’s a reason to rejoice. With the launch of Burnbill, a new-age Cashback rewards programme, you can now earn Cashback everywhere and spend it anywhere as per your preference. Does spending less, buying more and enjoying oodles of variety in your daily shopping, entertainment and dining experiences sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t anymore.

What makes Burnbill’s launch so exciting is the sheer convenience and delight it offers. Unlike traditional loyalty programmes, Burnbill doesn’t restrict you to one specific retailer or brand for earning or spending Cashback. It rewards you with choice in the real sense of the word. Moreover, Burnbill Cashback comes with no expiry whatsoever! So you can actually accumulate significant Cashback across several purchases over a period of time and pay with it, in part or in full,for that one big transaction you’ve been eyeing. Enrolling as a Burnbill member is free of cost and, as it is a card-less programme, your mobile number acts as your unique member ID. Just download the Burnbill App, sign up with your personal details, indicate your shopping category preferences and start discovering real-time Cashback offers from your favourite nearby stores and establishments within minutes – it’s that simple! Via

Flipkart Big Diwali Sale preview: Check out what’s in store for consumers next week successfully hosting the Big Billion Days sales, Flipkart is ready with yet another festival promotional campaign dubbed as the Big Diwali Sale.
Flipkart’s new Big Diwali Sale is scheduled to kick off on October 25 and conclude on October 28. Like previous times, the e-commerce giant has promised huge discounts on consumer electronics goods, including smartphones, TVs, portable storage, washing machines, fashion accessories, office supplies and kitchen appliances, including refrigerators, and other sundries.

To further sweeten the deals, Flipkart will be offering exchange offers and also additional 15% cash discounts for consumers with Citi Bank debit/credit card holders. Via

Amazon’s Best deals: OnePlus 3, Lenovo Z2 Plus, Moto G4 Plus, and more’s Great Indian Festival sale is back on the website, and it will run from October 17-20. If you’re still looking to buy a smartphone, the second round of sale has a variety of options. Plus Amazon is offering exchange deals on most smartphones, which means a further discount on the price. Amazon exclusives like OnePlus 3, Moto G4 Plus, Lenovo Z2 Plus, Mi Max Prime, as well phones like Samsung Galaxy On 7 Pro and On 5 Pro are all part of the deals.

Additionally Amazon is offering 15% (app only) or 10% (site only) cashback for Citi bank cards. Here’s a look at the offers on Amazon, and which ones are the best. Via

Retail updates ahead

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